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WallysWeather.com News:
05-24-14: Uploading Lightning Data for the first time since January 23rd, 2012 Tornado.

12-21-12: Uploading NEXRAD Radar for the first time since January 23rd, 2012 Tornado.

01-23-12: Home, Weather Station, Computers and Amateur Radio (HAM) Equipment destoryed by an EF-3 Tornado.

05-12-10: Beta Testing sending Jefferson and Shelby Counties Watches and Warnings via Twitter.  Just follow WallysWeather.

06-10-09: Joined Boltek Lightning Detection Network (BLDN).  The BLDN recently began to expand their network across the US.  The BLDN is a free up to the minute source of high accuracy lightning data using GPS based detectors.  The BLDN is currently in BETA Test mode as the network is expanded..  Wallysweather.com will also maintain our relationship with the StrikeStarUS Lightning Detection Network (SLDN) providing lightning data to both the BLDN and SLDN networks.

04-22-09: Modified Hi-Res NEXRAD Rader to have static and loop features.  You now have choice of many more NEXRAD products on the local radar.

04-01-09: Added Alabama Watches and Warnings product.  Updates every minute during active weather.

02-26-09: Added Earl's WX Caster model page under Toolbox section.

01-26-09: My primary weather station (Davis Vantage Pro2) is back up and running after a few weeks.  It took a little while for the parts to come in.

12-29-08: My primary weather station (Davis Vantage Pro2) has died.  In the mean time, I am using my old weather station.  All other functions are working until my weather station can be repaired.

07-03-08: Upgraded Tropical Section to get ready for the 2008 Hurricane Season.  New Cascading Style Sheet format may cause some problems with old web browser versions.

07-01-08: Hi-Res Radar is offline for the moment.  Having trouble with ftp upload process hanging.

05-09-07: Upgraded Tropical Section to get ready for the 2007 Hurricane Season.

03-08-06: Added the new regional Lightning - NEXRAD Composite from the StrikeStarUS Network.  I provide lighting data to the StrikeStarUS network!

02-05-06: Added the new US NEXRAD "Ridge" Radars at the National, Regional, and Local Levels.  I have wanted regional radar for a long time!

12-08-05: Sorry, it has been a while since I have update news.  You may see the "new" local radar for time to time as I test it.  Beta testing precipation types on National Radar Map.  Have been providing data to the National StrikeStar Map for about two months.  The WeatherUnderground.com site is beta testing overlaying this data with radar images.

08-20-05: Added new radar displays on the local and national levels.  Still having problems with the local radar loop working correctly. Added Temperature and Warnings maps to Forecast Page.  Need to do a lot of work on National Maps page.

07-29-05: Changed lightning detector software and joined the StrikeStar Lightning network.  I will add links to view the StrikeStar East and West Coast Composites in a few days.

07-8-05: While I am waiting on Hurricane Dennis, I added new warning maps.  Look for additional new maps and radars in the coming weeks.

01-10-05: Finally got weather maps back online.  Added 3 Day Precipation Forecast.

10-27-04: Due to problems with my host provider, I have had to move the site.  I have lost a few features due to the move (such as eforecast).  I hope to have everything back up and running by early next week.

08-24-04: Major upgrade to Tropical Section, including a new mapping feature.

02-21-04: WallysWeather.com is proud to team up with BamaWeather.com.  Check out Alabama's Weather Community.

02-14-04: Added Central Alabama Mesonet to "local" page.  The Mesonet contains both offical and private weather stations, like mine.

10-7-03: Added Summary and Forecast to National Weather.

09-3-03: Testing Regional Lightning Loop.  Loop contains last 45 minutes of activity in 5 minute increments.  Loop image is large averaging about 1 MB in size, so it will take a while to download on dialup connection.  Tropical Forecast Advisory Map is now working.  Added Tropical Atlantic and Pacific Satellite Images.

08-24-03: Since I last updated 'News' I have added the Amber Alert ticket at the bottom.  I now have plotting maps to the the Tropical Section, and Gulf of Mexico and Storm Sector Satellite links.  I hope to add a Tropical Forecast Advisory Map soon, but I have to work on a few bugs.

07-19-03: Add Department of Homeland Security Threat Advisory.  Added FEMA Weather Factsheets.

07-16-03: Fixed navigation buttons on satellite section.  Still need to work on satellite loops.

07-7-03: Upgraded Tropical Weather section.

07-2-03: I am in the process of upgrading and revamping the website. Please be aware that some features may disappear for a couple of days.  Thanks for your patience.

06-28-03: Added legend to local lightning display.

10-21-02: Due to problems with my web hosting provider, and I am in the process of moving the site to another provider.   The web site may be up and down and some feature may not be available for the next couple of days.

10-19-02: New Rain Gauge is installed. Rainfall reports from Clay, Alabama are automatically reported again.

10-17-02: You may have noticed that portions of the web site are not working.   This is being caused because I am having problems with my web host provider. If I do not resolve the issue soon, I will move the site to another host provider.

09-11-02: Added Monthly and Last 5 Days' Archive to Local Weather.

09-4-02: I re-organized the Tropical Weather section to make it easier to use.   I removed several broken links.   I removed Mean Wave Height and Direction Plots (WAM Plots).   Please let me know if you would like these back.   Most users do not use WAM Plots.

08-17-02: The rain gauge is now back on line.   I will have to wait for the next rain to see if it still works.  I am still playing with the range setting on the lightning detector.   Direction is within 5+/- degrees on the lightning detection, but range is off as much a 50 miles.

08-15-02: The weather station is back on line minus the rain gauge.   Monthly Stats will return in September since I just now started making observations with the weather station.   I continue to calibrate the range on the lightning detector.

08-13-02: I have finally moved, and have begun to re-install the weather station hardware.   The lightning detector is back on the air!   I will have to do so tweaking to set the range and sensitivity.   I hope to have the weather station back on in a couple of weeks.

07-1-02: The weather station at my Rainbow City residence is now off the air.  The lightning detector system will also go off-air sometime this week (by Sunday, July 7th).  Thanks for your support over the years.  I will be back on from just outside Clay in early August.  All other features of the web site will remain on line.  Remember, you set your default weather and forecast by clicking on Set Your Preferences or just follow this link

06-27-02: The biggest news is that I will be moving to Clay, Alabama (myself and NOT the site) during the month of July if the Lord is willing.  The main web site will continue to be available (forecasts, satellite, radar, eforecast, etc.).  Local Weather from Rainbow City and Local Live Lightning data will NOT be available as I have to move all of this equipment (weather station, lightning sensor and the computers) to my new home.  I also have to reestablish my Internet connection.  It looks like cable modem access is available at my new residence.  I hope to have everything up and running in early/mid August.  Until I move, I will be testing my new Boltek Lightning Detection Card and Lightning 2000 Software.  The installation is temporarily (as noted above).  Please continue to tell your friends about the site, as I like to have visitors.  If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please email me at wally@wallysweather.com.  As always, thank you for your visits.

The webmaster of WallysWeather.com is not responsible for any damages or problems caused by this service.
US Forecasts are Public Domain and derived from the National Weather Service.
Canadian forecasts are obtained from and are copyright of Environment Canada.
If you have any questions or comments concerning this site, please email the webmaster at webmaster@wallysweather.com.

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